Gepetto Mini Clip Doll

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Gepetto's Mini Clip Doll

Babies are drawn to a happy face. Large and small, these colourful cuties are designed to be attached within baby's reach to grab and interact.

All toys are safe for baby to suck and chew.

About Gepetto's: The wood used in Gepetto’s toys is the locally grown sycamore maple, a readily regenerating species we harvest for toy production. Typical of the maple family, this hardwood is non-splintering, strong and durable, and has excellent turning and finishing characteristics.

After about twelve months air drying the milled sycamore is ready for turning on one of our three wood lathes to produce all the turned components used in Gepetto’s toys. Further processing and finishing, colouring and assembly, are completed in Gepetto’s workshop in the Central Otago town of Alexandra, southern New Zealand.

NOTE: Colours may differ to what is shown

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