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The ideal accessory for the fashion conscious woman, or with an additional purpose in mind – as a chew accessory for a teething infant, a breastfeeding accessory for a feeding baby, or a chew companion for autistic children.


Calami (pronounced 'colour-me')was created after watching many littlies chewing on “everything” while going through the teething process. And having something hygienic on hand at all times was where the idea originated. It also had to be safe. Calami made from a high grade non-toxic silicone and is free of BPA and Phthalates. Since then, it was discovered that autistic children chew on the inside of their mouths, so having a necklace that they can safely wear, will allow them to have an alternative option for chewing, which is a much healthier option for them. And not to mention something that looks fabulous and is trending the current fashions.


Calami silicone designs are easy to look after - just simply wash with soap and water and dry with a clean cloth.


Calami silicone jewellery is not a toy and children should not be left unsupervised with Calami silicone products.


For teething infants Calami is the perfect co-ordinate for our Baltic amber jewellery


Size: 1cm thick and 7cm x 5cm. It comes mounted on an 70 cm (approx.) black silk thread complete with a safety snap clasp. 


Colour : Lilac

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