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Throw that sippy cup or bottle away!

Use a Doidy Cup today to find out what a huge difference they make to your child’s self confidence and attitude to food and drink!

A Doidy Cup is a slanted cup scientifically designed to encourage babies to drink from a rim rather than a spout. It has a unique slant which enables babies to drink easily from it as they can see the contents within the cup. It has 2 handles on the side for easy holding. Breast fed babies from 3 months or earlier and bottle fed babies of 6 months or earlier can be introduced to a Doidy Cup.

The Doidy Cup is made in the UK from food safe materials and is BPA free. It can be sterilized, is dishwasher proof (top shelf) and freezer proof. Doidy Cups are made from food safe HD Polyethylene and is Bisphenol-A, Phthalate & PVC free. They are also recyclable once your little one has grown up.

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