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Newbies Baby Feeding Journal is a great resource for all new parents.  It’s filled with lots of information for you to note and remember your day with your baby.

What are the key Features?

  • At least 6 weeks of pages to note baby’s feeding, sleeping and other daily activities along with notes to help you remember important information for that day such as shopping notes, phone numbers or information about your baby on that day.
  • A Keepsake section to remember the day you had your baby, special moments and baby shower gifts.
  • A Useful Information section that includes;
    • What to expect in those first 3 months from NZ’s Baby Whisperer Sharlene Poole
    • Nutritional information for breastfeeding mothers
    • Important phone numbers
    • Babysitter notes
    • Information from your doctor
    • Great recipes
    • Pages to record first solids or to keep a food diary.
    • A generous Notes section.

Why do you want one?
The journal helps by giving parents a perspective on their day that is sometimes lost in the haze of having a new born baby.  It also provides a life-long memory of the events around having a new baby and reminds parents of their baby’s milestones and special moments. 

Available Colours:

  • Brown/ Green