MayLily Eco Teether (Mint)

  • MayLily Eco Teether (Mint)
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An ecological wooden Teether for teething toddlers. It was made with the Polish, certified maple wood and the hand-crocheted owl is from organic cotton. Not only is it very functional but it also makes a beautiful addition to a baby’s nursery. 

Why are these teething rings unique? 

  • They were entirely made in the EU (Poland)The wooden circle was created with Polish, certified maple, which is a wood known for its antibacterial properties. It also has an ideal hardness for toys and accessories made for children.
  • The Teething ring itself is soaked in organic, ecological, food coconut oil, which perfectly protects against the entrance of contaminants into the pores of the wood.The diameter of the circle is 7 cm on the outside and 5 cm on the inside the owl is handmade, crochet, with certified, organic cotton (in the process of its growth no pesticides or harmful substances are used, cotton was dyed with ecological dyes) - certified GOTS.
  • The Mint Owl can detach from the teething ring and be washed in the washing machine or by hand. In the centre of the owl is a bamboo filling.
  • When your baby finishes teething the owl can become a decoration in baby's room.

Colour: Mint