Weepals Single - Butterfly

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Toilet Training for Boys & Girls

  •     Simply apply weepals sticker inside toilet (or potty) and aim away.
  •     Encourage boys and girls to go in the potty or toilet with a fun reward
  •     The character will disappear and return to its original hidden picture after rinsing or flushing


Weepals will...

  •     Challenge everyone to aim,
  •     Keep your toilet area clean and hygienic
  •     Teaches all ages how to aim successfully
  •     Encourage potty and toilet training
  •     Withstand cleaning from most brushes and detergents


Weepals need replacing after approx 1 month (Do not flush down toilet). Vinyl stickers are nonpermanent

Detailed instructions are included with every pack.

Single Sticker : Butterfly


100% NZ Made